About me

Hi, this is kmp0511, and this page is about me (obviously, since this page is called “About me”). So, I live in Arizona of the United States, North America. I love to Draw (see my drawings/artwork), read (I can’t tell you all of the books I’ve read, because it would take up the whole page), spriting (I got into it at around January 2012. Also, see  My Sprites), and usually any thing else artistic. As I mentioned in the sentence before this, I like to draw, usually I draw dragons, manga/anime people, dolphins (my favorite animal), mythical creatures, fake pokemon, pokemon, and occasionally something else. Also I have a Wii (favorite game: Animal crossing: City Folk), iPod (favorite game: Klondike solitare), iPod touch (favorite game: DragonVale), Dsi (favorite game: Pokemon Black), and Kindle that I play on a lot.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I like Pokemon (Oops). Well I got into it about four years ago and I’ve liked it ever since. My favorite Pokemon is Froslass. Here’s my top ten favorites (If it has a name in parentheses, then that’s it’s in-game nickname. Also the number in parentheses is how many I have):

1 Froslass (2) (Icicle)

2 Mudkip (2) (Kipster)

3 Serperior (3) (Viper) (Lily)

4 Torterra (1) (Grassy) (it was my first pokemon game that I named this in and I was 7 or 8)

5 Pikachu (5) (sparky)

6 Flygon (1)

7 Reshiram (1)(Fireblaze)

8 Gardevoir (1)

9 Arceus (2)

10 Aggron (1)

My Favorite types are Ice and Dragon (strangely, I don’t like Kyurem (normal form) a whole lot). So, I guess that’s it… Oh wait , Here’s my Gravatar thing, so if you see any posts with this by it, it’s most likely me :

froslass ava

I made it myself :3 I also made the header for the site.

My links

Party image

Personality test results

Old TCoD personality test:

I am a Butterfree!

New TCoD personality test

I am a Togetic!

TCoD “what type are you” test


Eonlight Valley “What Pokemon are you Quiz”

What Pokemon Are You?

The Sun Shrine’s What Pokemon are you quiz

I am a Ninetales

Here’s some link buttons that you can put up on your site to link to mine (I made them too)


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2 Responses to “About me”

  1. ginnatsumi

    Hi kmp, it’s Luka! Just wanted to say hi, and i’m gonna add a button to my blog of you!

    • kmp0511

      Thanks! I’ll add one of yours to mine. 🙂

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